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Lodge Valle Cochamó, Patagonia

How we build the house

It is a wooden structure on cement supports. All walls, floor and ceiling feature thermal insulation. For the outer coating of the walls we chose PVC siding, being waterproof, resistant to moisture and fungi. The supports are pillars of cement around 1 meter, since we are located very close to the river just 20 meters.For construction, Pavel was inspired by the traditional use of wood joints and almost all the woodwork was done with hand tools. Often the use of traditional and ancient techniques are the most effective and no machine or nail can replace the use of wood-wood joints.

Perhaps you are wondering why the Lodge is hexagonal?

A hexagon consists of six triangles all sides equal, imagine a honeycomb or snow crystal.We choose the hexagonal shape for a good reason. It is true that on one hand the construction was much more difficult because all angles are 60 ° and 120 °, and not 45 ° and 90 °, as in a conventional square house. But for the location of the building we realized that the hexagonal shape meets all our needs.The Lodge is located in the lower Cochamó valley, with mountains on both sides.


The Granite walls of Cochamó valley are a majestic sight, but they have a great effect on those who live under them, which is the shadow. Our place is very prone to moisture since it is inserted in the native forest and the sun disappears behind the mountains abruptly. In summer this happens around 6:30 pm, but in winter the sun disappears around 13.00. For this reason, we use and appreciate every ray of sun, especially in winter.


Carefully we study the movement of the sun in the valley. We position the hexagon, so we can capture a lot more sunshine than a square house. The front of the house has 3 large double windows at three different angles, so we caught the morning sun, noon and evening. By positioning the windows to the winter sun, it allows us to be heated using solar energy, what is called passive heating system

La Frontera Lodge, Valle Cochamó

56 Pillars form the base of the house, all made by hand and with the help of Guillermo and Mario (Paula's brothers)

Base of the floor, all cut with manual saw by Pavel.

La Frontera Lodge, Valle Cochamó

Positioning of the central pillar of the house with the help of our friends from The Coffee House Cochamó and Refugio Cochamó.

Structure of the roof, a great challenge between only 2 people, but WE ACHIEVE IT!!!

We worked without rest to finish the roof before the weather changed, we put the last asphalt tile and started a torrential rain. . .ufff ​​test passed.

The house starts to take shape.

Pavel finishing the floor of the central room.

Hostal B&B, Valle de Cochamó, inicio del sendero a La Junta, alojamiento, hostedaje

After one year the house is done!!!!!

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